Spotlight: ICHABOD YME (T)

In 2008, a bunch of friends participated in what we called the Death Race. For 1 week, we all were to go “all out” and paint as much as possible. There had been Death Races before, but this was my first.
There was a point system attached to the Death Race, with increasing points ascribed to harder-to-do or larger pieces of work. Something like this : 0.5 points for a throwup, 1 point for a simple piece, 2 points for piece, 2.5 points for a piece on a roof, 3 points for an end-to-end on a train, and so on. There were about 15 contestants, including myself and ICH (ICHABOD).

I thought I did alright that week; I think I got between 10 and 15 points. We all tallied up our points, and ICH basically annihilated everyone by double and triple everyone’s score. He had something like 33 points for the Death Race.

That’s basically a summary of how ICH operates. He came in the game later than most do, age-wise, and let everyone know he wasn’t playing around. The man is a workaholic when it comes to spray painting, and is second to none in terms of activity and dedication. The sheer number of freights he has done speak to that: 2,627, as of last November, when I asked him approximately how many trains he had painted.

On top of all the graffiti, he’s quite the talented artist and possibly, the smartest guy in the room.

As for winning the 2008 Death Race, ICH got victory pieces done for him by the contestants…here is mine:

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